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We bring Jesus and Prayer to the Table

Khadija Romney is a woman of integrity and virtue, a self-starter and a dedicated entrepreneur. Over the last 10 years, Khadija has served several communities, dedicated to helping the youth and young adults become better selves.


She has spoken at and hosted numerous women empowerment events, conferences, and youth summits on character development, creating a growth mindset, mastering conflict resolution, life after high school: college, career and beyond and systematically planning for a better self and future.


Over the years she has worked in various communities such as  Miami -Dade County, Bronx, NY, currently Central Florida. Khadija was once of the underprivileged community and she has risen above her circumstances and is now a full-time entrepreneur,

Khadija is dedicated to cultivating the dreams and purposes, in the lives of women and the youth. If you are looking to shift the mindset of your audience or group into a growth mindset, empower them for greatness or to get them unstuck from cycles, Ms. Romney is the speaker you need.


She hopes that both women and youth implement strategies learned to activate change to help them become better selves daily.  Khadija Romney truly impacts and helps change lives on and off stage.

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-Nadia S.

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